Penguin – the classic book design

Penguin – the classic book design

Penguin Book Cover

I love book covers, I love the process in which the designer interprets the book and provides both a visual synopsis of the book but also a connection between the writer and the reader.

Of course this connection is used for marketing as the publisher tries to reach the biggest audience possible. The cover is aimed at a demographic, perhaps the rippling muscles of a Mills and Boon or the urbane emptiness of an Anne Tyler.

Making your website work harder for you with Google Website Optimizer

screenshot639Google Website Optimizer is a tool that allows you to run tests on a page to see if changing, content, images or even the entire page will increase user activity on your site. There are two types of test A/B Split Testing or Multivariate.

Here is an Example of A/B Testing – you have a landing page that presents two options to a user, fill in a contact form or download a brochure. You really want people to fill in the contact form as you are aiming to generate sales leads. Unfortunately more people are downloading the brochure. So you get your web design team to come up with some new ideas.  

Loving Campaign Monitor

Recently a client had an urgent request for an email to go out to 1200 delegates of a conference, each email had to be personsalised with their Usernames and Passwords. The thing was they needed the email to go out within 24 hours. Fortunately the good people at Campaign Monitor came to the rescue.  

Michael Peck – Painter

I first saw a glimpse of Michael Peck’s work during Sunday Arts on ABC1 last Sunday, May 31. The screen was filled with the high key, image that held so much strength.

This is exactly the kind of images I like, a touch of the surreal but also very normal in a apocalyptic kind of way.  

Data visualisation – Mapping the world around us

Data Visualisation – Mapping the world around us

There are two types of people when it comes to understanding information, ( I am positive there are more but it always sounds so much better when you split any complex system into only two groups ) those who understand it through numbers  and stats and those who understand it through graphs and images.

I for one love the graphs and images. No, not the boring shite that Excel spits out, but the seemingly effortless creations that are classed under Data Visualisations. Recently Smashing Magazine published a list of their favorites. I thought I would highlight some of mine.


Websites for the mobile web and a new book by Cameron Moll

Just starting on a mobile ready website for a client. Of course this is driven by the iphone however they understand there are more web ready mobiles out there.

“Mobile Web Design”¬† is a new book by Cameron Moll that deals with standards compliant websites for mobile devices. This is the first book I found on the topic so it should be a good read.

Cameron Moll  has always been high up in my list of people to listen to, particularly when it comes to standards. So I am very much looking forward to seeing how this book turns out. On first look it looks quite practical which is great. Some great examples of design for the iphone as well.

Now just to find the time to read it!

An FTP server on the cheap – LaCIe Network Space 1tb

Nothing worse that needing a particular file for a client when the office is hours away. This little piece of LaCie engineering does the trick for me.

hd_networkspaceThe LaCie Network Space is a nice little Hard Drive that also offers itself as a good backup solution and a cheap little FTP server. It offers 1TB of storage and hooks into my Network with ease. Within 10 Minutes I was copying files no problem at all.

I forwarded the FTP port on my router to the Hard and voila I can access it anywhere! I assume this is secure, but I imagine some security experts out there could kinda freak at this thing?

The HDD came with some Software that enable synching, so all I have to do is make the Lacie is synchronised with my projects folder and Bobs my uncle. My Files whereever I need them!

Also it looks cool, from an industrial design perspective it right on track for me. With a mirror black finish a a flashing blue light for those disco days. (This could get annoying) It does not suffer those “this is just another piece of hardware” syndrome.

The bad site, well it is a little slow for copying files, but I have set the synch to happen over night s no hassles there.

Time to Blog, thanks Michael troy :)

Two years ago I setup a blog for my Dad. He was travelling with Mum overseas and wanted to keep a diary, what better reason for a blog. Dad in all his power wrote over 1000 words a day to that Blog and Google Loved it , since then I have always wondered what would happen if I blogged about the world around me. The things I like the objects I enjoy. Would Google Love me too? Or is it just verbose travellers?

An interview on Boagworld with Jim Coudal was what started it. He spoke of just getting on with your ideas. Don’t worry about Market research or analysis, the chanes are if you like somebody else will aswell, so just do it!

Yesterday I was speaking Michael about his blog that he started last week and the interesting results he has had on Google, eg Google indexing articles within an hour of them being published. That is nuts, I spend half my time working with Google Analytics and Website Optimiser and this kind of results is something I want to know more about.

So here I am , partly a Google experiemtn but more importantly an avenue for me to write about what I want!

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